Where to farm and spend resurrection feather in Lost Ark?

EzOkay Date: Jan/21/22 14:24:55 Views: 2724

What is more profitable to spend Resurrection Feather in Lost Ark? Many people ask after completing the main storyline and getting level 50. If you have used this unprofitable service a couple of times, it doesn't matter. If you did not spend them on the exchange of equipment with NPCs during the pumping, then well done.



Where to farm Resurrection Feather?

It's pretty easy to farm them. Resurrection Feather are rewarded for various tasks, spraying unnecessary Fethranites, killing elite mobs, and falling from chests in dungeons on treasure maps.


Most of the Resurrection Feather fall in the Halls of Chaos. During the day, you can make three penetrations in the normal dungeon mode and 1 in the events of the Halls of Chaos with a golden ticket, which drops with a certain chance in the normal mode. It is there that a lot of rufenits pour in. You can go to events more than once a day if you have a lot of tickets. But the maximum drop in the form of a chest is given only for the first penetration of the day.



Where to spend Resurrection Feather?

The most effective way is to cut fetranites. It is not profitable to cut for silver. It is better for Resurrection Feather. To do this, at the NPC cutter, put a tick in the corresponding checkbox.


Secondly, we spend Resurrection Feather weekly to buy three passes to the Labyrinth of Solitude, in addition to redeeming three tickets for silver. Do not be stingy. Buy the first two slots and go to the labyrinth six times a week. For these penetrations, you can take out from 2 to 3 acrasium. You can take out five acrasium from the labyrinth in a week, but this is provided that we buy additional passages for Lost Ark  gold. This dungeon is located in Bern, in the Ash Mountains location, and opens according to the story.


The third option, where a huge amount of rufenits will flow, is exchanging engraving sketches, hammers for fitting equipment, and gifts for NPCs that give 120 reputation points. You can also exchange jewelry from him, but it is from a certain GS. This money changer is located in Bern, in the capital.