Lost Ark: How to regularly get gold?

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The release of Lost Ark earlier this year has renewed the interest of millions of gamers in the MMORPG genre. Offering a refreshing Pve and Pvp system, Lost Ark, however, bases its economy on a much more common system: Lost Ark gold.

Lost Ark: How to regularly get gold?


Regularly get gold on Lost Ark:

  • Una's Insignia and the Gold Merchant
  • Chaos Dungeon Secret Maps
  • Chaos Dungeon Fragment Merchants (T3)
  • Trades
  • Peyto Vendor (Ability Gems)
  • Chaos Gate: Map Auction
  • Guardian Raids (Unbound Resources)
  • Recipes for engravings and accessories
  • Secondary characters
  • Affinities
  • Investing on inflation
  • Group Secret Cards

As in most games, buy-sell and speculation at the auction house lead the way to earn gold. However, daily content can pay off big time, and the difference between a player logging in daily and one logging in on weekends can be huge.


Una's Insignia and the Gold Merchant

One of the most prominent methods is Una's daily tasks, which are the equivalent of daily quests in other MMOs. The number of collectible Una symbols is 310 per week, and you will need to collect 70 points for this.

To recover these 70 points, you will have to complete your three daily Una tasks and the three weekly Una tasks. Next, you must go to a gold merchant to convert your Una symbols into gold. This NPC will offer you the choice to exchange your Una Symbols for a bag, a small gold chest, or a large gold chest.

Tips: Wait until you have 500 Symbols of Una and exchange them for a Large Gold Chest. The latter will offer you a slight chance of obtaining an additional 10,000 gold coins.


Chaos Dungeon Secret Maps

This technique is exclusively based on luck, but we are sharing it with you anyway since a player who completes his two daily chaos dungeons will have a better chance of benefiting.

You have probably already been transported to a room containing a single monster during your chaos dungeons. The latter will give you many gold coins, although it usually only appears once a week.


Chaos Dungeon Fragment Merchants (T3)

At the edge of the Chaos Dungeons in each major city, you can exchange Shards obtained from the Dungeons for Upgrade Materials, Engraving Books, or other tradable gear.

If you don't use these shards to buy materials for yourself, exchange them for resalable items. Indeed, you can resell the majority of the T3 components/objects that you buy.



Greatly underestimated, trades are an excellent way to fill your wallet with gold. However, harvesting materials for hours on end isn't for everyone, but for those who don't mind, check out the Auction House.

Tips: Be aware that the harvest is limited since you have a vital energy bar, which will prevent you from harvesting once emptied.


Peyto Vendor (Ability Gems)

On Peyto's boat, a vendor is in the tavern and will sell you gems of abilities against doploons of pirates. The latter can earn you big if you come across the right engravings.

Gem name Item level Price
Remarkable Birthstone 325 644 pirate doubloons
powerful birthstone 385 891 pirate doubloons
elegant birthstone 460 1,040 pirate doubloons
Notable Devotional Stone 825 1,287 pirate doubloons
Powerful Devotional Stone 885 1,782 pirate doubloons
Elegant devotional stone 960 2,079 pirate doubloons
Remarkable Flight Stone 1325 2,574 pirate doubloons

You will be limited to 3 gems of each type per week, which is no less than 20 stones. This unknown technique is probably one of the most profitable in terms of time/return on investment.

To help you tell the good from the bad, here are the most wanted traits (Tier 3):

  • Backfire
  • cursed doll
  • Adrenaline
  • raid captain
  • Strike Master
  • Awakening
  • Precise Dagger
  • Ambush Master
  • sharp weapon
  • All-Out Attack
  • Total load
  • Undefeated Tenacity

Tips: This list is not exhaustive, and the price may change depending on the servers. The best thing is to see the auction house.


Chaos Gate: Map Auction

When you enter a Chaos Gate, you are grouped with up to 29 players and work together to progress to the final boss. When the latter falls, an auction begins to win a legendary card, giving access to a secret dungeon.

When the auction is over, the amount collected is redistributed among all the players, who will receive their share via the Mail. The Doors of Chaos are, therefore, to be prioritized in your daily rotation.


Guardian Raids (Unbound Resources)

Resources looted from killing guardians are also an excellent way to generate gold. This is because equipment upgrade materials are unbound, which will allow you to sell them in the Auction House.

Here are the salvageable and salable materials:

Gear Tier Materials
1 Destruction Stone Fragments
1 Guardian Stone Fragments
1 Harmonious Leap Stones
2 destruction stones
2 guardian stones
2 Vital Leap Stones
3 Destruction Stone Crystals
3 Guardian Stone Crystals
3 Honorable Leapstones
3 Superior Honorable Leapstones

Tips: You can sell unrelated materials in the auction house, exchange the gold received for crystals, and buy materials in Mari's shop. The exchange rate will allow you to get more materials.


Recipes for engravings and accessories

You probably already know this, but the books of engravings can pay big, particularly the epics and the legendaries. Some of these books reach up to 10,000 gold on some servers, though the price should smooth out over time.

Here is the list of epic books that currently earn the most:

  • Adrenaline
  • raid captain
  • Strike Master
  • cursed doll
  • Awakening
  • Precise Dagger
  • Ambush Master
  • sharp weapon
  • All-Out Attack
  • heavy load
  • Undefeated Tenacity
  • Expert
  • Backfire
  • Soul Capture


And the list of the most sought-after legendary recipes:

  • Adrenaline
  • [Berserker] Chaos
  • [Bard] Last Resort
  • [Warlock] Demonic Pulse
  • [Paladin] Aura of Blessing
  • [Sorceress] Ignitor
  • [Essentialist] Arcane Unleashing
  • [Boxing] Taijutsu
  • [Sagittarius] Mortal Strike
  • [Witch] Reflux
  • [Bloodblade] Surging
  • [Gunner] Improved Firepower
  • Strike Master
  • cursed doll
  • Awakening
  • Ambush Master
  • sharp weapon
  • All-Out Attack
  • Backfire

Accessories also take an important place in the engraving system since they allow them to be activated. Like ability gems, the most expensive accessories are those that have two famous engravings.

It is, therefore, best to use the lists above to identify attractive accessories and go to the auction house to confirm.

When you're used to it, a simple glance will let you know if you've just hit the jackpot or not!

Right here could be the checklist of destinations where you may get accessories:

  • Chaos Dungeon - Raids abyssaux
  • Guardian Raids - Commerce abyssal
  • Dungeon of the Abyss - Chaos Dungeon Merchant


Secondary characters

As you probably know, the recovery of rewards in the various contents of the Lost Ark is limited. Some content can be done several times a day, and others only once a week:

  • Chaos Dungeon - 2 times per day
  • Guardian Raid - 2 souls per day
  • Chaos Gate - 1 time per day
  • Abyssal Dungeon - 1 time per week and per ticket (each)
  • Cube - 1 time per ticket
  • Raid abyssal - 1 time per week
  • Daily Una Tasks - 3 per day
  • Weekly Una Tasks - 3 per week
  • World Boss - 1 time per day
  • The Ghost Ships - 1 time per week

These limits are set for each character, which means that you can take part in this content on secondary characters.

Playing more characters is an excellent way to accumulate rewards and gold. If you have the playing time, it's probably the most profitable.



The affinities offer many rewards; even if some are pretty long to evolve, these can bring you many coins.

Here are the affinities that will give you gold as a reward:

  • Train - 500
  • Neria - 650
  • Ealyn - 1 000
  • Avele - 1 400
  • Sasha - 3 500
  • Total - 7 050

You can therefore recover 7,050 gold coins via the affinity system.


Investing on inflation

Inflation investing is a method used in all MMORPGs, as it requires a trading system to be viable.

It is also a risky method since, in case of failure, you can leave a lot of feathers there. The goal is to invest in items/components/engravings that will increase in the future.

Tips: Some engravings will not be used until the late game, and investing in some recipes could pay off big in a few months.


Group Secret Cards

Secret Cards are collectible from Chaos Gates but can also be purchased from an NPC for Abyssal Fragments. This NPC is marked [Rift Fragment Exchange] and sells the following cards:

Therefore, the technique is to collect secret cards, whether in the doors of chaos or via the exchange and to make rotations with other players.

You can also exchange several cards of lower ranks for a higher card via an NPC located next to the vendor of abyssal fragments.

Indeed, you will collect the same rewards, whether alone or with four people. If you find three other players with a secret card similar to yours, you can collect the rewards four times instead of just once.

Tips: The Harmony Fragments collected from these cards sell very well on the Auction House, and you can collect several thousand golds each week.