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Path of Exile (PoE) is an online action RPG, set inside the dark fantasy globe of Wraeclast. It is developed by the New Zealand primarily based independent video game developer, Grinding Gear Games. The game was officially released on 23 October 2013 An Xbox One particular version was released in August 2017.

The player controls a single character from an overhead point of view and explores prominent outside locations and underground caves or dungeons, battling monsters and fulfilling quests from NPCs to acquire expertise points and gear. The game borrows heavily from the Diablo series, specifically Diablo II. All places apart from the central encampments are randomly generated for enhanced re-playability. Though all players on a single server can freely mingle in campsites, gameplay outside of campgrounds is highly instanced, offering every only player or party with an isolated map to discover freely.

Players can initially choose from six available classes to play as (Duelist, Marauder, Ranger, Shadow, Templar, and Witch). Every one of these classes is aligned with 1 or two of your three core attributes: Strength, Dexterity, or Intelligence. The final class, the Scion, may be unlocked by freeing her near the end of Act 3 and is aligned with all three attributes. The distinct classes aren't restricted from investing in skills not aligned with their core attributes but may have less difficult access to skills which can be aligned with their core attributes. Items are randomly generated from a wide assortment of basic forms and endowed with particular properties and gem sockets. They come in various rarities with increasingly potent properties. This tends to make a big a part of gameplay devoted to locating reliable and synergistic equipment. Skill gems are usually placed in gem sockets of armor, weapons and some forms of rings, giving them an active skill. As the character advances and levels up, the equipped skill gems also acquire expertise, permitting the skills themselves to be leveled up and boost in potency.

Items called Support Gems could modify active skills. Based upon the number of linked sockets the player possesses, a primary attack or power can be changed with high attack speed, more rapidly projectiles, several projectiles, chaining hits, life leech, auto-cast spells on great strike, and much more. Offered limits around the variety of sockets, players should prioritize gem usage. All classes share the same selection of 1,325 passive skills, from which the player can opt for one every time their character levels up, and as an occasional quest reward. These passive skills enhance the core attributes and grant further enhancements like improved Mana, Overall health, damage, defenses, regeneration, speed, and much more. Every single one of several characters gets started on a distinctive position on the passive skill tree. The passive skill tree is arranged inside a complex network beginning in separate trunks for every class (aligned together with the permutations in the three core attributes). The player will have to as a result not merely concentrate on maximizing all modifiers related to his main offense and defense, but ought to also take care to pick one of the most efficient paths via the passive skill tree. As from the 3.0 Fall of Oriath Release, the maximum doable variety of passive skill points and ascendancy skill points per character was 123 (99 from leveling and 24 from quest rewards) and eight respectively.

Path of Exile is unusual amongst action-RPG games in that there is undoubtedly no in-game currency. The game's economy is primarily based on bartering "currency items." Unlike regular game currencies, these items have their own inherent utilizes (like upgrading an item's rarity level, rerolling affixes, or enhancing an item's high-quality) and thus deliver their revenue sinks to prevent inflation. Most of these items are applied to modify and upgrade equipment, although some identify issues, generate portals to town or grant skill refund points.

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