How and Best Times to qualify for the FIFA 20 Weekend League

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Now, U4GM FIFA 20 Coins Team fully realise that you'll all be at very different levels when it comes to FIFA. For that reason, we felt it absolutely necessary to include this section of the guide at the very start. To access and make the rest of these tips relevant, it's important that you know how to actually qualify. There are a few different routes for you, so don't worry if you think one of them is impossible for you, we can get you qualified. Here they are:


How and Best Times to qualify for the FIFA 20 Weekend League

o Through an official FUT Champions knockout qualifier.
The usual deal, as with all tournaments that EA have offered us for the past several FIFA's:
Win 4 games on the bounce, to unlock entry to the weekend league.

o Earn promotion to division 1, from division 2, in FUT online seasons.
Pretty self explanatory: Earn promotion from division 2, in FUT online seasons and this will gain you entry to the weekend league.

*You don't have to win the title, just be promoted*

o Stay in division 1, in FUT online seasons.
Again, pretty self explanatory: Just survive in division 1, in FUT online seasons. You can gain just enough to survive or you can win the title. It doesn't matter, it will still gain you entry.

o Good performance in the previous weekend league!
So, those are the requirements to gain access to the weekend league. Now here are a few tips to help get you qualified regularly.

You'll know yourself if you're the type of calibre player that will be able to gain entry through getting into the top two divisions of online seasons. If you're not, then the method of entry for you (and for the majority of players – don't be disheartened) will be the qualifying tournaments.

EA publish a tournament schedule for each tournament and weekend league. It will feature requirements that teams you use must reach. For example: max 16 players in the starting 11 and subs from the same league. Just make sure that your squad meets these in advance of trying to qualify.

1. Use the calendar schedule to look ahead and get some practise in with players that you'll know you'll be able to use. It could give you the edge that you need.
During the opening weeks of FIFA 20, particularly the first week or two, there will be even more people having to qualify through the tournaments for a few reasons. They won't have had time to reach the higher divisions, they might not have had time to play in the opening weeks OR they haven't had their first crack at weekend league, hence not having to chance to get the amount of wins you may need to auto-qualify for the next weekend league.

2. If you can, try waiting until the middle of the week to qualify. Most players will try to get qualified as soon as possible so the best players will have done so by the Monday or Tuesday, giving you Wednesday and Thursday to give it your best shot. The better calibre of players will likely be qualified by then so use this tip to your advantage.
Once we get beyond the first month or so, most of the Elite players will have established themselves in both online seasons and FUT Champions game modes so will be autoqualifying for the weekend league so qualifying through the tournament method will become slightly easier (although still definitely a challenge as many millions will be wanting to get qualified).

3. IF, and hopefully WHEN you get into the latter stages of the tournament and qualification is just on the horizon, then you should follow this quick essential tips (which we expand upon elsewhere in this guide). Make sure your players have as close to 99 fitness as possible, use training cards if it is applicable and you have some in your club and make full use of your game changers / super subs.

There are many other tips that will help you if you're still struggling to get qualified for the weekend league on both our website and in our Gameplay, Game Modes and Tactical Guides which are all available to purchase securely through our site, There are certain other segments in this guide that will also help you to get qualified such as: ‘game management', ‘key attributes of players to buy', ‘taking information from their squad and formation'. As you can see from that list and from the extensive chapter list we've pulled together for you, this will really help you in getting yourself qualified and getting some great rewards to help build your Ultimate Team.