The Latest PoE 3.5 Full Update For Content Guide

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Challenge leagues are an awesome chance to get a fresh commence in a new economy. All of your old characters and items are still present within the Normal and Hardcore leagues, but you happen to be encouraged to join the new leagues, comprehensive challenges and demonstrate your mastery of Path of Exile! With 3.5.0, you'll find Common and Hardcore, and Solo Self-Found Regular and Hardcore, variations of the Betrayal challenge league readily available. They have exactly the same core mechanics and items. It is possible to develop private league versions of these leagues, with mods that make the game tougher. Within the Betrayal Challenge League, you will investigate the Immortal Syndicate, whose sinister operations have begun to seem across Wraeclast and Oriath. Help the newest master, Jun Ortoi, as she investigates the disappearance of quite a few prominent exiles in relation towards the sudden rise of your Immortal Syndicate. She will help you as you seek to dismantle Syndicate fortifications, halt the transportation of Syndicate resources, protect against the Syndicate from destroying essential evidence in their analysis compounds, and fight off their attempts to assassinate you.


The Latest PoE 3.5 Full Update For Content Guide


Track your progress on the Investigation Board, and force the Syndicate members you defeat to bargain with you, betray their allies, face interrogation or be executed. Make use of the facts you gain from these actions to raid Syndicate safehouses. Battle your way via the safehouses to discover who leads the Syndicate. Acquire valuable rewards according to who you defeat in every single safehouse, including products with highly effective Veiled mods. Jun might help you pull back the veil, revealing untold power on these things. The new challenge leagues include things like a set of 40 new challenges. After your comprehensive 12 challenges, you can obtain the Betrayal Helmet Attachment. Once you reach 24 challenges, you may obtain the Betrayal Aura Impact. At 36 challenge completed you'll acquire the Betrayal Cloak. These microtransactions are only obtainable within this league. From the 19th challenge onwards and for every single third challenge following that, you will obtain pieces from the Betrayal Totem Pole decoration to display inside your hideout. The Totem Pole permanently showcases how lots of in the Betrayal challenges you completed during the league.


Major New Content and Features:

- There's a new roster of Masters! Alva, Niko, and Einhar have returned and have brought their respective League features with them. They, along with Zana and the Betrayal League's Jun Ortoi, make up the new roster of Masters. Einhar's Bestiary content has been revamped - he now accompanies you on the hunt and manages nets for you.


- Overhauled the Hideout system: Hideouts, favour, and decorations are now shared account-wide. You will now encounter Hideouts throughout the game after rescuing Helena in Act 2. Hideouts must be cleared of enemies before they can be claimed. You can now reclaim all your hideout decorations (except stashes, the waypoint, and your crafting bench) with the click of a button, and even export your Hideout layout if you're particularly proud of your creation! Special map-only hideouts are waiting in the end-game, but are rare to stumple upon.

File:Chess hideout.jpg


- Overhauled Mastercrafting: You now have a single Crafting Bench in your Hideout that covers all item types and crafting mods. You now gain new crafting mods from a variety of different sources, including through exploration and helping the new Masters. You can also overwrite previously crafted mods at the cost of an Orb of Scouring.


- Added a new Strength/Dexterity Skill Gem - Shattering Steel: Swing an Axe or Sword, releasing projectiles in sequence. The projectiles shatter when colliding with an enemy or after traveling a short distance, with the shattered pieces dealing damage in front of the impact location.


- Added a new Strength/Dexterity Skill Gem - Lancing Steel: Thrust an Axe or Sword forward, releasing a primary projectile that impales enemies it hits. Additional projectiles appear nearby as smaller metal shards that fly forward after a short delay.


- Added a new Intelligence Skill gem - Winter Orb: Channel to conjure an orb above you which pelts nearby enemies with projectiles that explode when they hit the ground. Channel for longer to build up stages on the skill. The orb loses stages over its duration after you stop channeling.


- Added a new Intelligence Skill Gem - Storm Brand: Create a magical brand that can attach to a nearby enemy until it dies or expires. It periodically activates while attached, firing beams which damage nearby enemies and the enemies around them.


- Added a new Strength/Intelligence Skill Gem - Armageddon Brand: Create a magical brand that can attach to a nearby enemy until it dies or expires. It periodically activates while attached, causing a meteor to fall from the sky.


- Added a new Strength/Intelligence Skill Gem - Brand Recall: Detach your Brands from enemies and return them to you, activating their effect. Your Brands will have increased branding range until they next brand an enemy.


- Added a new Strength Skill Gem - Dread Banner: Cast to reserve mana and carry a banner which lets nearby allies inflict Impale with attacks, and lessens the accuracy of nearby enemies. Gain stages by impaling enemies while carrying the banner. Casting the skill again places the banner, ending the mana reservation. Once placed, it becomes more powerful for each stage gained while carried.


- Added a new Strength Skill Gem - War Banner: Cast to reserve mana and carry a banner which increases the accuracy of nearby allies, and the physical damage taken by nearby enemies. Gain stages by killing enemies while carrying the banner. Casting the skill again places the banner, ending the mana reservation. Once placed, it becomes more powerful for each stage gained while carried.

- Added a new Strength/Intelligence Support Gem - Multiple Totems Support: Supported skills have +2 to the maximum number of Summoned Totems. When you use a supported totem skill, you summon two totems instead of one. Supported skills deal less damage.

- Added a new Dexterity/Intelligence Support Gem - Bonechill Support: Supported skills have increased the effect of Chill on Enemies. Enemies in Chilling Areas from Supported Skills take increased Cold Damage over Time and have Damage Taken increased by Chill Effect. Enemies Chilled by Supported Skills take increased Cold Damage over Time and have damage taken increased by Chill Effect.

- Added a new Skill - Focus: By itself, Focus does nothing, but new Veiled item modifiers (available in Betrayal League) have powerful and build-enabling interactions with it. The Focus skill is enabled when you equip an item with a mod that interacts with Focus but is not supportable.

- Added the Advanced Skill Gem Tutorial. By clicking on the new button on Skill Gem quest rewards throughout Act 1 you can see a preview of how that skill will act with a variety of different Support Gems.

- Added Atlas Objectives, which are guaranteed Master Missions indicated on the Atlas of Worlds. Whenever you complete a map, there's a chance for a new objective to appear (or, if you already have an objective of that type, move). Objectives can appear on any non-unique map but will favor completed maps or maps adjacent to completed maps. They also refresh every day, like daily missions used to.

- Added 13 new unique items.

- Added one new Fated unique prophecy.

- Added 5 new Divination cards, designed by our supporters.

- Added 13 new Hideouts.

- Added 3D art for the unique body armour Iron Heart.

- Added 5 new maps, which replace existing base types.

- Added Labyrinth enchantments for the new and reworked skills.



Minor New Content and Features

- Added a new Rogue Exile.

- Added physics interactions to many skills, including Abyssal Cry, Blade Flurry, Blade Vortex, Blink and Mirror Arrow, all Curses, Desecrate, Discharge, Earthquake, Enduring Cry, Frost Bomb, Ice Crash, Ice Nova, Leap Slam, Lightning Warp, the Offering skills, Orb of Storms, Rallying Cry, Shield Charge, Sweep, and Wither.

- The Lightning Mirage Nemesis Mod now plays a noticeable sound when triggered.

- Improved the performance of lighting on DX9 clients.

- Added new dialogue for Sin to say in the Epilogue.

- Masters now have a different exclamation mark color. It's orange!

- Hideout decorations have been categorized and are easier to sort through.

- The Hideout Map Device now has several art variations to select from, including that fancy one in the Templar Laboratory.

- You can now move and rotate your Hideout Waypoint.

- Cosmetic Aura effects can now be applied to any aura, including the curse auras created by Blasphemy.

- Added a Seek Prophecy button to the Prophecy panel that shows up whenever the Seal Prophecy buttons are visible.

- Continued to incrementally improve the sound, art, effects, and environments.


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