Path of Exile Betrayal Very Important of Three Sections

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Path of Exile is often a free-to-play action game which draws inspiration from classics like Diablo. On December 7, Path of Exile's devoted fans might be treated to something that's absolutely game-changing. So, Grinding Gear Games announced that a brand new expansion was in the works known as "Betrayal". Betrayal bargains using the old "Masters" vanishing and being replaced by new ones, alongside a challenge league that deals with the rise of a group recognized as the "Immortal Syndicate". These two components are no doubt related.


Path of Exile Betrayal Very Important of Three Sections


In Path of Exile: Betrayal, Jun Ortoi is investigating a mysterious organization known as the Immortal Syndicate. Help her to manipulate their ranks, reveal the identities of their members, uncover their safehouses and take down their mastermind.

Path of Exile: Betrayal will see the introduction of the Immortal Syndicate, a shadowy organization that trails your moves, and Jun Ortoi, whom you'll assist in her investigation. It will also do away with the old masters and crafting system attached to them. Instead, they'll be replaced by a handful of well-known NPCs and a new means of obtaining crafting recipes.

Betrayal also has additional endgame content, unique items, and new skill gems being introduced or tweaked. Plus, remember the features in previous content drops such as Delve and the Bestiary? They're back in full as part of the core game!

Path of Exile: Betrayal promises to be the biggest expansion yet for Grinding Gear Games' popular ARPG. So far, we've been told that the expansion will have 19 voiced characters and over 40,000 words of text to enhance a character-driven narrative.


For this guide, we'll break down almost everything you must know about Path of Exile: Betrayal into three sections:


I. The Immortal Syndicate and Jun Ortoi

The primary addition to Betrayal will be the Immortal Syndicate meta-game that you simply undertake as you adventure in Wraeclast. Possibly among the biggest criticisms in Path of Exile is the fact that players are usually following precisely the same progression until they reach the endgame. You build your character, you do the campaign, Act ten Kitava wipes you repeatedly till you finally succeed, after which you commence carrying out the Atlas maps or dig deeper in Delve. Immediately after that, you make a new character and repeat the method until the following Challenge League.

Path Of Exile Betrayal Jun Ortoi

Betrayal tends to make your progression far more dynamic for the reason that of this meta-game that functions as an ever-branching sandbox quest practically from the get-go once you meet Jun Ortoi.

Early on within the game, you're introduced to Jun, who tells you what the Immortal Syndicate is and what they're planning. They are a criminal cartel which has members in different parts of Wraeclast. Then, via a panel, you get to see the people that belong to the infamous group. You will see the branches they belong to also as relationships that they've formed within their inner circle.

Path Of Exile Betrayal Immortal Syndicate Relationships


The Hydra

Most of their members and areas are hidden initially, which includes their main headquarters. Absolutely everyone has their very own rank and position within the organization. What you are going to know, nevertheless, is the fact that this hydra has a variety of members belonging to distinct branches:

1. Fortification - Members are hiding within a defensible position such as a compact fort, typically surrounded by turrets and barricades.

2. Transportation - Syndicate cronies are traversing a map while guarding a convoy. You'll require to catch up and eliminate the mobs surrounding it.

3. Research - These Syndicate baddies are in an underground research lab. After you arrive, they'll begin destroying evidence, so your aim is to stop them.

4. Intervention - Last but not least, the Intervention arm sends particular Syndicate members to track you down if you have earned their ire. They are able to seem at any time whilst you are out and about in Wraeclast, which includes for the duration of boss fights.

Path Of Exile Betrayal Syndicate Transportation

Just like a hydra, taking out the cartel is no simple process. The 18 members of this organization will keep coming back until you defeat their mastermind, and also then, it will not be over just yet.



Now that you just know their particular branches and your objectives ought to you seek them out, what precisely would you do after you have beaten them into submission? Effectively, you've four possibilities available (two are obtainable at any given time based on the prerequisites):

1. Interrogate - After you have taken out a Syndicate member, interrogation may be the safest option of what to accomplish subsequent. When you interrogate a member, they will divulge data about other people in their brotherhood or added information and facts about a sausage house

2. Bargain - When you happen to be up against a sole Syndicate fighter and you've subdued them, bargaining will be a viable option. It can cause a random result which includes changing character relationships inside the Immortal Syndicate panel. Or they could even offer you some things.

3. Execute - If a Syndicate member has a backup or you're feeling a little bloodthirsty, it is possible to kill them in cold blood. They are not referred to as the “Immortal Syndicate” for giggles, although, simply because they can actually revive dead members! Executing one particular will see them revived later on, albeit far more powerful on account of their leaders advertising them (they died to get a lead to, immediately after all). They will don't forget the atrocity that you have committed, even though.

4. Betray - Yet another option, need to you may have a number of Syndicate members submitting to you, is usually to have certainly one of them betray the other. This can be only achievable if they have a direct relation or 1 is a subordinate. Betrayal will have a tendency to switch or modify the positions of those members (ie. a subordinate would find yourself becoming higher ranked).

Here's an example of encountering somebody from the Fortification branch, subduing them, after which making use of the Interrogation alternative (note the several defenses in the spot for this section from the map):



Think about these actions as somewhat similar to the Nemesis Technique in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War. The Immortal Syndicate is really a big and interconnected web. It is possible to uncover their members in practically every place throughout the game, generally changing parts of that location in that regard. Your actions will influence how members of this criminal cartel view you, and no matter if they turn into far more powerful in the end.

Execution, technically, is usually a suggests of leveling up a chosen Syndicate member. Your selected target will likely be tougher, and they will come back using a vengeance. The upside? They'll have far better look at the same time. Here's one where you subdue an individual from the Analysis branch and decide on to execute them:

Bargaining has the possible to net you various items while not necessarily causing also large of a ruckus among your opponents. The Betray alternative, meanwhile, lets you turn a person else into a leader of a branch to attain the desired result - either you get improved items that they can drop (because they are greater ranked), or the safehouse will probably be easier if it really is a weakling that you just promoted. And, as talked about above, Interrogation is often a secure option that lets you achieve far more intel.

Targets also possess a possibility to drop uncommon and exclusive items with Veiled Mods. These are effective new perks. Take them to Jun Ortoi to have them unveiled and pick a single. As soon as you're done, you unlock that distinct mod for future things. You'll be able to even choose to empower it and level it up for future use.

Dangers And Rewards

The key target from the Immortal Syndicate meta-game is to uncover the various safehouses of every branch and at some point take around the group's mastermind. The purpose why you could wish to reposition particular individuals is due to the rewards they might confer.

As an example, really should you ransack the safehouse of your Study branch, you will get things with experimental qualities (the other branches have their very own quirks). But simply because each and every Syndicate member is exceptional, you may mix-and-match specific combinations to seek out something that's perfect - one thing that would advantage you're create inside the lengthy run.

After you have taken out the Syndicate mastermind - which drops plenty of loot based on how you've arranged the entire organization - it does not cease there. The board resets and also you can uncover, manipulate, reposition, and take out your foes once more.

Path Of Exile Betrayal Veiled Mods


Spicing Up Your Playthrough

In our interviews with Chris Wilson, he told us that you'll find countless distinct possibilities and combinations which you can come up with. There is absolutely no “ideal” path yet, but he expects that veteran players may possibly be capable of find out a good pattern to comply with although playing the game.

Path Of Exile Betrayal Safehouse

All in all, this is a function that quite a few long-time Path of Exile fans could possibly be looking forward to. The typical progression inside the game might feel extremely rote to those who've been playing for years. Together with the addition of this meta-game with expansive quests and multiple choices, it ought to spice items up for every single playthrough.

It also broadens the selections even more in the game. For example, a typical choice every player makes is whether or not to kill each of the bandit leaders or save among them in an early quest. That is a single choice. Think about possessing a limitless number of options all through your playthrough with the Immortal Syndicate function.

It is something that changes the dynamics of the playthrough, given the plethora of decisions you could make. With some highly effective rewards, this meta-game will also be helpful before you attain the endgame (it could even function as your extremely own focus as your endgame).



II. Masters, Crafting, Hideouts, And Returning Content material


As Chris Wilson mentioned during our interviews, the folks more than at Grinding Gear Games felt that Masters had been one of the weakest components in Path of Exile. Even though it's correct that there had been loads of them, he admitted that the missions they offered were of a lower excellent when compared with what the rest of your game could offer you. And so, rather than a Master method exactly where you just grind and repeat precisely the same mini-quests until they are maxed out, Betrayal will completely do away together with the old guard. Literally… those Masters are gone (well, you could get a hint of what happened to them when playing).

Path Of Exile Betrayal Bestiary Einhar

Rather, the old bunch will probably be replaced by returning characters. And yes, you are going to get to encounter the content material from earlier expansions - for instance, Bestiary - after additional as they come to be the aspect of your core game!


Einhar Frey (Bestiary)

Einhar, who was initially introduced through the Bestiary expansion/league (March 2018), might be producing his return to Wraeclast in Betrayal. That implies players might be in a position to catch monsters and add them to their tally and Menagerie after far more.

The distinction this time about? Einhar gets to follow you around, and he'll be the one throwing the nets rather. That makes sense. You happen to be the heroic Exile, an actual god-killer. You seriously cannot be the guy throwing Poké Balls.


Watch the Exile and Einhar in action:

Alva Valai (Incursion)

Players met Alva during the Incursion expansion/league (June 2018). She was able to transport players millennia into the past towards the Temple of Atzoatl. Therein, players possess a limited time to kill as numerous monsters as you possibly can, get Stones of Passage (keys), and take out Vaal Architects. Right after 11 temporal incursions into the previous, players might access the present-day Temple of Atzoatl, that will have its layout, accessible regions, and loot transform depending on your actions previously.

Path Of Exile Betrayal Incursion Alva

With Alva's return in Betrayal, that also indicates Incursion is now part from the core experience. This time about, Alva may have a possibility to take you by way of a number of temporal incursions at a time, not just 1.


Niko (Delve) And Zana (Atlas Of Worlds)

Niko the Mad is the newest Master to join an extended list in Path of Exile. As aspect on the newest expansion, Delve (August 2018), Niko allowed players to dig by way of the depths in the Azurite Mine - an infinite dungeon which requires toughness, endurance, plenty of luck, and perhaps an immune Pathfinder or two. He'll also be back in Betrayal.

Path Of Exile Betrayal Atlas Zana

As for Zana, apparently many Path of Exile players considers her a favorite. She's an absolute necessity for the endgame content material, even though, because of her expertise with the Atlas of Worlds.

Players want not to be concerned considering the fact that Zana's nevertheless going to be around in Betrayal handling all of your mapping needs. With Einhar, Alva, Niko, Zana, as well as the debuting Jun Ortoi in tow, that tends to make 5 dedicated Masters within the game. But wait, what about crafting?

Path Of Exile Betrayal Masters


Master Crafting Modifications

Previously, as a way to get crafting recipes from Masters, you had to help keep leveling them up by repeating these everyday quests. Considering that these are gone and replaced together with the 5 described above, there is an entirely revamped Master Crafting practical experience. As an alternative to leveling them up, the system is now more streamlined. You are able to discover these recipes primarily based on the content material you are undertaking that is attached to these new Masters.

Path Of Exile Betrayal Masters Crafting

For example, we've already talked about the unveiling of mods for Jun Ortoi. That is one particular instance of gaining a recipe. One more would be clearing specific rooms inside the Temple of Atzoatl for Incursion. Inside the case of Delve, you will find certain encounters inside the Azurite Mine that would grant these recipes.

Path Of Exile Betrayal Atlas Of Worlds Changes

The new Masters nevertheless offer day-to-day missions but do so through the Atlas of Worlds. If that quest is active, you can enter that map and encounter that specific Master there. All in all, you're not forced into doing repetitive mini-quests just to level up an NPC. Crafting recipes are obtained as you progress through the game based on the content you are clearing.


Permanent Hideouts

One more purpose why players leveled up Masters previously was to get decorations for their Player Hideouts. These hubs kind of defined your personality or quirk depending on your Master of choice. Nonetheless, it's worth noting that this may very well be a tedious procedure in the past. Apart from needing to level up Masters, you also needed to refurnish your Hideout just after each and every Challenge League.

Say goodbye to carrying out that, due to the fact Hideouts are now unified among leagues - which includes future ones. You'll be able to retain exactly the same decorations or layouts for months, even years. Here's one particular instance of what your Player Hideout can look like:


You are able to discover new tilesets for Hideouts as you progress, and also save and load certain templates that you'd like. Players can unlock new Hideouts as they clear them in a regular playthrough.



III. Further Attributes - Endgame, Exclusive Products, Abilities


Those described earlier are the most significant adjustments coming to Path of Exile in Betrayal, but there is nonetheless much more to appear forward to. For all those aiming to attain the endgame rapidly, you will discover 4 new randomized maps. They are all based on tilesets introduced in Delve, for instance, cavernous regions.

As for exclusive things, a single that we currently know about will be the Bitterbind Point. This can be a unique rarity shield which has a Veiled Mod. Veiled Mods are usually not achievable on special items, but you may have the ability to uncover some Betrayal uniques which have them.

Path Of Exile Bitterbind Point

The Bitterbind Point boosts your summoning capabilities and minion harm output whenever you land vital strikes with spells. It is meant for a summoner/spellcaster form of playstyle (consider Necromancer). It is just one of 15 new Exceptional Products coming to Betrayal. Some of these new Uniques could be located on existing content even though several are exclusive solely for the upcoming Betrayal League.


Winter Orb and Storm Brand

Two new expertise we know of will be the Winter Orb and Storm Brand. This can be how these experts are defined:


Winter Orb can be a channeling talent that creates and powers up an orb that floats above you. It on a regular basis fires projectiles at nearby enemies, firing more quickly the extra the orb is powered up. The projectiles explode on impact.

1. Supporting the talent with the Additional Projectiles assistance gem causes the extra projectiles to be fired inside a line, providing the skill an exceptional damage pattern.

2. Supporting it with the Improved Duration assistance gem lets you preserve the orb active longer soon after you quit channeling, letting you run whilst the orb destroys enemies.

3. Meanwhile, supporting it with the Increased Region help gem increases the damaged area and overlap on the projectiles' bursts.

They are just some doable combinations, with a lot more that are left open for discovery. This can be really pretty exciting offered that this can be a Cold element spell. We do understand that Grinding Gear Games has created some tweaks to current spells for instance Ice Spear, together with Ice Nova and Vortex. Appears like this will likely make Cold damage-focused builds far more viable based on the synergy.


Storm Brand zaps three nearby enemies, damaging around enemies struck.

1. Supporting it with all the Chain assistance gem causes it to affect additional nearby enemies.

2. Supporting it with the Improved Location assistance gem causes the bursts to harm extra enemies.

3. Additionally, supporting it with all the Concentrated Effect assistance gem considerably increases the damage though reducing its spread.

4. Supporting the brand with Life Leech will restore life to you, in contrast to Trap, Totem and Minion expertise, as the brand counts as your damage.


To become more detailed, the Storm Brand is just certainly one of many yet-to-be-revealed elemental Brand spells within the Betrayal. Your character locations a rune on the ground that activates when an enemy is inside reach. It's going to preserve damaging the enemy until the finish of its duration or when that target dies. If the target dies, the brand returns to the ground and waits for a different enemy, or it can jump to an absolutely new target. It's produced for any far more mobile style of play where you are laying down brands and crossing through packs, letting your rune do all the work.

All in all, players can appear forward to ten expertise that should be adjusted or introduced. That signifies extra tweaks and adjustments to builds, and not surprisingly, an ever-evolving meta.


What Does Chris Wilson Assume?

Well, that's all the time we've got for these days. We hope we've supplied you with everything you may need to know for Path of Exile: Betrayal. If this is not enough, never worry. We essentially performed a few interviews with POE's co-creator and Grinding Gear Games CEO Chris Wilson.

We'll give you an in-depth appear in regards to the style philosophy behind these new features as well as something below the sun about Path of Exile - for example why there's no “True Solo Delve Record” technique announcement, extra new spells that the team's crafting, cross-play viability, or attainable controller assistance for Computer. We'll also be adding much more exclusive gameplay videos for Syndicate gameplay in addition to the newly announced skills.

Oh, and just in case you could be new to Path of Exile - perhaps a newcomer who came from Diablo - you could be serious about recognizing additional about 1st impressions when beginning out in Wraeclast, and the philosophy behind the Private Leagues which went reside recently.

Path of Exile is completely free-to-play, and also you can verify it out on Steam. If it is not available for your region, you can download it via the official web page. As mentioned up leading, Path of Exile: Betrayal will go reside on December 7 for Pc players. Console releases will comply with for the Xbox One particular on December 10 and the PlayStation four in mid-December.

Path Of Exile Betrayal Winters Orb


A fourth, our in-depth interviews with Path of Exile co-creator Chris Wilson, is now available right here. Really feel free of charge to verify that out at the same time to understand far more regarding the design philosophies behind these alterations coming to Path of Exile, along with answers to various community concerns and current systems inside the game.