Escape from Tarkov: A complete guide to keys list for Wood map

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They're a good deal of keys within the city of Tarkov. Some places, just like the Woods, only have three keys, although other folks just like the Shoreline have quite a few as 46. The keys are required to access quest places and a few from the most significant locations to loot within the game. Collecting all the keys to acquire the very best loot obtainable is a daunting process. Fortunately, the spawn areas for most of the keys available in the game happen to be located, making it a bit easier to track down the exact essentials you'll need. This guide will list of the Woods maps to seek out keys in Tarkov.

Escape from Tarkov: A complete guide to keys list for Wood map


The Woods only has three keys, and two of these keys open precisely the same door. Essentially the most useful of the three could be the Woods Exit Essential. The keys within this guide will be organized by which map they may be employed on, starting with all the maps with all the fewest keys needed. If you require finding a specific important and come about to know its name or location, you can use Ctrl+F to search using the web page. 

Note that, unless otherwise stated, virtually every crucial inside the game is often identified in jackets, drawers, within the pockets and bags of Scav NPCs, in Shturman's stash on Woods, or within the marked circles found on some maps which can spawn virtually any Tarkov items within the game. Most keys can also be found on the flea marketplace, but a number of the more helpful or a lot more popular ones can be insanely costly. You'll find several exceptions to this exactly where keys can only be discovered in particular places, on precise Scav bosses, or as quest rewards.


Woods, like Factory, only has three keys.


Escape from Tarkov Map Key List Guide
Keys Name Description
Yotota Car Key This can be a folding crucial for a white Yotota pickup truck discovered within the lumber yard. The car may have its hood up and is located next to the three cabins on the southwest side of your lumber yard. The loot within this truck is not that terrific, so obtaining this crucial shouldn't be a huge priority. This important does not spawn in-game. It can only be discovered in jackets and on Scavs.
Important ZB-014 This crucial opens bunker ZB-014 close to the wall just north of your eastern gate. This bunker can act as an extraction point and has some excellent loot that should be picked up. It may be utilized for the "Trust regain: and "Ice cream cones" quests. This crucial is found in dorm space 220 in the three-story dorms on Customs. You will have to have the key to room 220 to have in.
Shturman Important This crucial can only be utilized as soon as and is obtained by killing the Scav boss Shturman on Woods. It can't be located in jackets or on Scavs. The key unlocks a famous fund stash utilized by Shturman. The store is often a box on a tire near a pile of wood across in the red warehouse in the lumber yard. You will need to discover one particular in the course of a raid for the quest "Huntsman path - Woods keeper" given by Jaeger. You can't full the search by just buying the key of the marketplace.


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